Child Safe

At St. Dominic’s, we focus heavily on the safety and wellbeing of all students. Our Child Safe practices are consistent with the Ministerial Order 870. We have ensured that we have practices embedded that will ensure that our children remain safe at all times whist enrolled at St. Dominic’s. Our Child Safe Policy and Statement of Commitment highlight the emphasis we place on this area of school operations. We have a clear set of expectations around reporting incidents of suspected Child Abuse to the Police and Department of Health and Human Services. We are mandated by law to report any suspected incident should we have reasonable belief that a child is at risk.

Reasonable Belief

If an adult has a reasonable belief that an incident has occurred, then they must report the incident.

It is a criminal offence to fail to report an incident if we have reasonable belief that an incident has occurred.

Legislative Responsibilities

Our school takes its legal responsibilities seriously, including:

• Failure to disclose: reporting child abuse is a community-wide responsibility. All adults in Victoria who have a reasonable belief that an adult has committed a sexual offence against a child under 16 have an obligation to report that information to the police

• Failure to protect: People of authority in our school will commit an offence if they know of a substantial risk of child sex abuse and have the power or responsibility to reduce or remove that risk but negligently fail to do so

• Grooming: the offence of grooming prohibits predatory conduct designed to ‘prepare’ or ‘groom’ a child for future sexual activity.

• Any personnel who are mandatory reporters must comply with their duties.

Please read the relevant policies so that you are aware of how we ensure that your child’s safety is maintained at St. Dominic’s.