Digital Technologies

Here at St Dominic’s, we understand that Digital Technologies continues to play a big role in our everyday lives. The Digital Technologies curriculum enables St Dominic’s to teach students to become confident and creative developers of digital solutions. 

Students are exposed to a range of digital technologies including computer devices, Google suite, Sphero Education, Minecraft Education, Lego Education and many other software and systems that help students understand how to create digital solutions. 

The curriculum also encourages students to be discerning decision makers by considering different ways of managing the interactions between digital systems, people, data and processes (information systems) and weighing up the possible benefits and potential risks for society and the environment.

Cybersafety is taken very seriously here at St Dominic’s. Our policy and Digital Technologies agreement aim to help educate our students on online safety and becoming responsible digital citizens. Part of this program is a yearly cyber safety information workshop hosted for all our families and students.

We are an eSmart School:
‘eSmart Schools, an initiative of the Alannah & Madeline Foundation, helps teachers, librarians and the greater community to best manage cyber risks, bullying and cyber bullying issues so students feel safer and supported.

It is a Framework that sits across the entire community – teachers, students, parents and the library community’.

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