Education in Faith

Being a Catholic Primary School, we are focused on celebrating the rich teachings and traditions of our Church. The life and teachings of Jesus are central to all that we do.

These teachings are embedded in the way we interact with others, in our behaviour management systems and throughout our curriculum. We celebrate our patron saint, Dominic, and his virtues, courage, truth and compassion are reinforced in our daily lives.

Celebrating our faith through liturgy is an important component of school life. Students are engaged in many opportunities to worship through daily prayer, class masses, sacramental programs and formal classroom lessons. Religious Education at St Dominic’s takes seriously the mission of the Church to engage with the message of the Gospel and Catholic Tradition in all its wisdom, complexity and challenge. We follow the curriculum guidelines provided by the Melbourne Archdiocese of Catholic Schools to  help students explain, interpret and reflect about the message of the Gospel and Catholic Tradition in their lives. In Religious Education, students explore the faith through the following content areas; Jesus and Scripture; Church and Community; God, Religion and Life; Prayer, Liturgy and Sacrament; and finally, Morality and Justice.

Sacramental Program

Students are prepared for the Sacraments of Reconciliation, First Eucharist and Confirmation as part of their Religious Education. Students receive the Sacraments in the following years:

  • Reconciliation – Year 3
  • First Eucharist – Year 4
  • Confirmation – Year 6

We celebrate the students’ reception of each Sacrament as an important stage in their faith journey. Part of this faith journey involves a presentation mass where sacramental students are recognised in the parish, and students and families can make their faith commitment known. Evening family workshops are hosted here at the school to help families and students learn further about the sacraments and the commitment they are making towards self, God and others.