At St Dominic’s we aim to support every child in developing essential literacy skills and strategies to actively participate in an ever changing world.

We believe an effective literacy program:

    • uses ongoing assessment to target individual student learning

    • Uses the Victorian Curriculum to inform all learning, teaching and reporting

    • provides Literacy Intervention to students who have been identified as at risk or gifted

    • incorporates small group focussed teaching in every literacy lesson

    • allows students time to practise skills and strategies during independent learning time

    • builds teacher capacity to deliver high quality learning and teaching opportunities for all students

    • requires a minimum of 8 hours per week

    • encourages parental involvement in their child’s English development

    • is highly structured and based on researched teaching practice

    • focusses on building oral language and comprehension skills

    • shares a love of literature with students regularly attending the library to read and borrow books.