Learning & Teaching

The Victorian Curriculum F-10 is the curriculum followed by St Dominic’s school. It incorporates the Australian Curriculum and reflects Victorian standards and priorities.

At St Dominic’s our Vision statement reflects our belief in the Learning and Teaching process. We believe our school community “will soar like the eagle and rise to the challenge.” We strive for excellence in all that we do. Students are challenged and supported to develop to their full potential.

Our school dispositions inspire our school community to be learners who are:

· Creative

· Self motivated

· Persistent

· Resilient

· Collaborative

· Reflective

We use evidence based teaching, gathering and analyzing appropriate student data to target our teaching. We believe in John Hattie’s research: “that visible teaching and learning occurs when learning is the explicit goal: when there is feedback given and sought and when there are active, passionate, and engaging people, including teachers, students, and peers participating in the act of learning.”

Learning intentions and success criteria are used across all curriculum areas. Our teachers provide feedback to students and invite feedback about their teaching from both students and peers.

We believe that strong literacy and numeracy skills are imperative for all students and our Literacy and Mathematics Leaders provide support through facilitated planning and mentoring.

Details of our teaching and learning process across each learning area can be found here (and also by using the navigation section of the website):