Student Wellbeing

At St Dominic’s School we are committed to the development of the whole child within a safe, positive and nurturing environment. We are committed to maximising student’s sense of wellbeing, engagement and connectedness to school. St Dominic’s are committed to all students improving their learning and interpersonal development.

The school has adopted the School Wide Positive Behaviour Systems to support our school community. The focus of this behaviour framework is that all students will be supported with explicit teaching of expected behaviours in the classroom and in the playground. We also ensure that all students will be recognised and supported with positive relationships in a safe environment.

As a school community we chose the key behaviours of:

  1. Safety
  2. Optimism
  3. Acceptance and
  4. Respect

We believe that in having a consistent and positive approach to behaviour we can provide an environment where all students can achieve their potential in learning and develop a strong sense of self and interpersonal relationships.

Our Child Safe practices are consistent with the Ministerial Order 1359. We have ensured that we have practices embedded that will ensure that our children remain safe at all times whilst enrolled at St. Dominic’s. Our Child Safe Policy and Statement of Commitment highlight the emphasis we place on this area of school operations. We have a clear set of expectations around reporting incidents of suspected Child Abuse to the Police and Department of Health and Human Services. We are mandated by law to report any suspected incident should we have reasonable belief that a child is at risk.