The Arts

The art room at St Dominic’s Catholic Primary School is a lively, inviting space, which encourages dynamic and creative learning. A one-hour art lesson is allocated to every grade each week. Throughout the year students sample and explore a wide range of media with a variety of tools, techniques and art materials in the areas of painting, drawing, textiles, modelling and construction.

The aim of each art experience is to challenge students to progressively develop and extend their present level of artistic knowledge and skills by encouraging their confidence, curiosity, imagination and enjoyment of art.

Through the process of visual inquiry, opportunities are provided for children to appreciate art. These include exploring art, which has been made recently, artworks from the past, art from a diverse range of international cultures and artworks from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists.

Displays at St Dominic’s are an important aspect of developing art appreciation. They also assist students to evaluate and reflect on their own art works as well as the artworks of others.