Health & Physical Education

The Physical Education Program is conducted by a specialist teacher who works with all grades on a weekly basis.

The Physical Education Program focuses on developing fundamental skills that prepare our children to participate in structured sporting activities throughout their years of primary school and beyond. Our junior and middle classes focus heavily on these fundamental skills as they are critical to being able to play more structured games and sports. Our senior classes use these skills by implementing them in various organised sports during physical education classes and inter-school sport activities.

Along with the specialist program our school is also a member of the Melton Primary School Sporting Association (MPSSA). The sporting opportunities within the MPSSA include athletics, soccer, basketball, swimming and cross country. Overall, we try to expose our children to many different sporting opportunities with the goal of finding a sport that each child will enjoy and experience success in.

Whole School Activities

Every year the whole school participates in the school Athletic Carnival and Fun Run.

Swimming Program

Students participate in swimming lessons in Term One every year. These lessons are in small groups and are based on each child’s swimming capabilities.