Formal Written Reports
Formal written reports are sent home in June and December. This report informs you of how your child is performing against the Victorian Curriculum Standards. The reports outline development in each curriculum area and also summarises your child’s behaviour and overall effort in the classroom. To support these reports we also hold regular student led conferences.

Student Led Conferences

A Student Led Conference is a meeting run by the student for his or her parents or caregivers, which is focused on their recent learning. The student leads the conference and the teacher supports the student. Learning Intentions and Success Criteria are used to show success in the student’s learning. Data may be used to show growth over a particular unit of work.

Conferences are scheduled for 20 minutes every second Monday of the term. These meetings can be booked either online or through the front office. It is expected that parents/caregivers attend a minimum of at least one student led conference each semester.

At St Dominic's we use an online tool called Seesaw as a student-driven portfolio to empower students to document their learning and provide an audience for their work- their teachers, parents and peers. Seesaw gives parents an immediate and personalised window into their child’s school day and will allow students to present their work using learning intentions and success criteria. (Credit: Seesaw- Introduction For Families)