At St. Dominic’s we believe that ‘every day counts’. It is not ok to be away nor is it ok to be late. Children need to routine of school and their learning success can be impacted negatively by poor attendance or poor punctuality. Parents must take responsibility for getting their child to school on time each day. Children who stay away are at a significant disadvantage in comparison to those who rarely miss school. Regular attendance allows children to build on their learning. From day to day the learning process is built upon and regular attendance allows children to develop understandings in an accumulative manner. When children are away regularly this increases the chances of gaps appearing in understandings. We need to avoid this from occurring. Please read the link below. It is the state government’s comments about student attendance – ‘Every Day Counts’.

It is our job to monitor attendance and we will be in contact with families when attendance becomes an issue. We are also mandated to report any concerns we have of student wellbeing. Should we think that a child is at risk of neglect due to poor attendance we will report these concerns to the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS).