At St Dominic’s School we are committed to the development of the whole child within a safe, positive and nurturing environment. We are committed to maximising student’s sense of wellbeing, engagement and connectedness to school. We are committed to all students improving their learning and interpersonal development.

Some of the initiatives that promote student wellbeing at St Dominic’s Melton are:

Breakfast Club

Due to the generosity of St Vincent de Paul Society, we offer a breakfast program three mornings a week. It provides a nutritional start to the student’s learning day. Thanks to the generosity of a parish member, we also have fresh fruit available for students at school.

School Café

We have a well resourced Café in our school. Year Five students participate in our Café once a week. Students assist with the school vegetable garden and access the vegetables and fruit to be part of the weekly menu. Students are responsible for cooking the food on the menu. The school/parish community and grades are invited to the Café each week to enjoy the delicious cooking.

Lunchtime Activities

Students have the choice to come to the library to read and play educational games such as Connect Four and chess, build Lego and complete puzzles.

Prep Buddy Program

Year Six students are partnered with Prep students to be their buddy for their first year at St Dominics.

This provides benefits and support for all students involved. Long term relationships develop through this wellbeing initiative.

Student Leadership

Year Five students are encouraged to apply for leadership positions for Year Six. We value and encourage all students to be part of this leadership model.

School Camp

Year 5 and 6 students participate in an annual camp to Lorne. Surfing skills are the highlight of this camp. All students work together as a team to ensure this is a successful and enjoyable camp.

Excursion Program

All classes are involved in excursions as part of their learning. We also have access to performances at the Melbourne Arts Centre.

Catholic Care Counselling Services

Families are able to access a counsellor through Catholic Care. This is a free and confidential service based at St Dominic’s.

School Celebrations

Each year we have a wide range of school celebrations including religious celebrations for Sacraments and feast days, Mother’s and Father’s day celebrations, Literacy and Numeracy celebrations.