Parents, Families & Our School Community

Parents are the first educators of our children and are therefore invited to maintain an active role in the education process once their children commence their schooling. Together with our families, we aim to promote a love of learning reinforcing a message where we believe anything is possible with persistence and effort.

Parents and grandparents are always welcome at St. Dominic's and this involvement will be greatly appreciated. Your support, both at school and home, can have a significant impact on our children. Some of the ways families can be involved in school life are: classroom helping, attending excursions, listening to children read, working on the fundraising team, cooking BBQ lunches, visiting the cafe, attending assemblies or attending various family learning nights.

At St. Dominic's we also look for ways to engage with the broader community. This can be done through classroom programs and these opportunities create rich learning experiences. Whether they are curriculum based or social justice centred the children derive significant benefit from creating strong connections with the broader community.