Vision Statement

As a Christ-centred community and in the tradition of St Dominic we nurture and inspire courage, truth and compassion. We value where we have come from and embrace the future.

We soar like the eagle and rise to the challenge.

Mission Statement

We invite all members of the community to engage in life at St Dominic's and to come together to share the journey.

  • Parents of the students at St Dominic’s play an important role in assisting their children’s education.

  • Staff encourage parents to be co educators of their children.

  • Children thrive in a safe environment where the community is consistent in its approach to learning.

We respect and serve others as stewards of our faith.

  • We bring life to the gospel values through our interactions with each other.

We strive for excellence.

  • Striving to be the best increases chances of achieving success.

We inspire the school community to develop a desire to learn.

  • New learning opportunities for parents empower them to better meet the needs of their children.

  • Professional Learning opportunities for staff need to be relevant and ongoing.

  • Stimulating and rich learning environments encourage students to feel excited to learn.

Read more information about our school's mission here.