Our library/resource centre is a hub for learning. This beautiful space engages children in a world of literature.

At St. Dominic's, we challenge our students to develop a love of reading as this promotes such a rich source of learning. Our library technician's role is to support students in becoming engaged readers, to be both curious and passionate about literature and information and to use their reading to help them become lifelong learners. Our library has an excellent book collection as well as a huge array of games, puppets, puzzles and technology that meets the needs of our diverse community.

The children are timetabled for a weekly session in the library with the technician and their classroom teacher, but are also able to visit the library more often.

Not only is there great reading and learning happening, but students can also access the library at lunchtime to participate in a variety of fun and relaxed activities.

Here at St Dominic’s we realise the importance of strong family partnerships and never more so than in growing active readers. To spark this connection, parents and younger pre-school siblings are encouraged to visit the library too and can borrow books for themselves or for their children. Feel welcome to make your own visit to our school library.