The school is fortunate to have its own fully appointed café. The cafe opened for business in 2011 and was introduced to engage our senior children at a deeper level in the learning process. The cafe is ran by our Health and Physical Education teacher Mr Michael Reilly in partnership with our chef and cafe coordinator Deb Kenny.

At Café Eyrie Grade 5 students prepare, cook and serve a variety of savoury and sweet meals for the school community. Each week parents and one grade are invited to dine at the Café.

Our Year 5 children are exposed to preparing the menu, preparing the food, cooking, serving and handing money. There are many skills associated with working in the cafe and it is an integral part of school life for these children.

Whilst students normally take student, staff and parent orders by hand, some of our senior students were offered the opportunity to work in pull-out groups with the Digital Technologies Leader to create a digital interactive cafe menu for our school cafe that works on Windows, Android and iOS devices! To reflect the types of electronic devices available in cafes and restaurants, the students needed to make the menu in two formats, portrait and landscape. Here are two of our students giving an explanation of the features of their app designs:

The School Garden

Our Environmental Leaders care for and maintain the garden to use as ingredients in our café. Occasionally the leaders sell the produce as a part of fundraising for our school or to ensure the garden can be self-sufficient. Our children love having the opportunity to sample the fine seasonal produce that is grown in our garden. From raspberries, strawberries, apples, peaches and cherries to tomatoes, potatoes, celery and cucumber. We also have a series of herbs that grow throughout the year. Please feel free to take some home for your cooking!

The school also has a large vegetable garden and an assortment of established fruit trees. The kitchen garden was established in 2012 through the help of parents within the school.

We have a series of garden beds that use the 'wicking' style of beds which uses a well at the bottom of each bed which requires filling only every few weeks. These beds are environmentally friendly from this perspective. We also have a greenhouse where we can grow produce throughout the year and grow seedlings to transplant into our garden.

Promoting Healthy Eating

Students also film videos to promote what they have learned at school with the school community. Watch our students promoting the message of how to create a healthy meals below: