Social Justice

At St. Dominic's, we promote being an outward looking school. This means we look beyond our needs and identify those around us who require a helping hand at various times. At St. Dominic's, we are inspired by the life of Christ and act upon his call to serve others. Throughout the year, the school community take action in various ways to support those who need our help. We hold various fundraising activities in order to gather important funds that can be used by various organisations in their social justice work. Our school leaders from Year 6 often lead these activities with the support of our Religious Education Leader and together they identify different ways to raise money but also to reinforce the need to support others in our immediate community or beyond. This social justice work is embedded in our Religious Education Program.

Examples of this social justice work include:

    • Project Compassion - We are called to almsgiving during the season of Lent as we prepare for Easter. This money is forwarded to Caritas Australia

    • St. Vincent de Paul Winter and Christmas Appeals - We raise money and present this to members of the St. Vincent de Paul Society to purchase blankets and other winter woollies and also Christmas Hampers for members of our local community who are experiencing difficult times

    • We also respond to other situations that may require our support from time to time.