Digital Technologies: Designing Graphical User Interfaces For A Real-Life Purpose

Senior Students Create A Boost Juice App!

As part of their digital technologies classes, senior students have been learning about graphical user interfaces. Some of the students have worked hard to create a fully interactive and functional in-store app designed exclusively for Boost Juice, which customers could potentially use to help them order both drinks and snacks in a fun, interactive and informative way. The app has been designed to work on Windows, iOS and Android devices.

As part of our pitch to Boost Juice, we filmed a promotional video:

Here are some of the students giving an overview of each section of the app that they were responsible for creating:

Prior to creating this app, all senior students created a digital marketing advertisement for Boost Juice too:

CEO and founder of Boost Juice, Janine Allis, kindly responded with a personal video:

We hope that representatives from Boost Juice can come and try out the app soon!

Cafe Eyrie is a student-lead cooking initiative at St Dominic's. Every Friday, Year 5 students prepare, cook and serve a variety of savoury and sweet meals for the school community. Each week parents and one grade are invited to dine at the Café. Our students are exposed to preparing the menu, preparing the food, cooking, serving and handing money.

Whilst students normally take student, staff and parent orders by hand, some of our senior students decided to create a digital interactive cafe menu for our school cafe that works on Windows, Android and iOS devices. They needed to make the menu in two formats, portrait and landscape. Here are two of our students giving an explanation of the features of their app designs:

We look forward to the next group of senior students learning how to modify the app to adjust it to match each week's new menu items!