Children are born into a digital world where technology is an integral part of their every day lives. Information today is electronic, instant, easily accessible and constantly transforming. Therefore, Digital Technologies play a significant role in how children learn, share and access information. 

At St Dominic's, technology is used daily by the staff and students. Each teacher has a MacBook Air and and an iPad Air to utilise with their students. 

The ICT equipment at St Dominic's consists of:
  • Each classroom having either a Smart TV or an Interactive Whiteboard/Projector
  • Each classroom having an Apple TV
  • Year 3-6 classes having MacBook Pros available in their rooms
  • A bank of Chromebooks which can be used by all grades           
  • A bank of iPads which can be used by all grades
  • Two banks of MacBook Pros which can be used by all grades
  • A green screen which is available to all grades.

During 2015, St Dominic's rolled out a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Program starting with the year five and six students. Since then, we have pushed this and extended the program to incorporate the year three and four students. This has been a great success, with many students in the school participating in the program. Students bringing their own device from home which allows teachers more freedom to incorporate technology into their daily lessons to support learning within their classroom.

Student use of technology is supported via the following policies:
  • Student Annual Technology Device Agreement - School-Owned Devices 2018
  • Student Annual Technology Device Agreement - BYOD - 2018.